Talent Acquisition Specialists



C-Level Roles

Partner / Director



Non Executive Board Members

Strategic consultancy & contractors

Startups - Fundraising and Investment


Time Critical Senior Hires

Interim Experience

Key strategic personnel


Attract active job seekers digitally

70% of job searches begin with google nowadays. Google uses AI matching technology and aggregates job board postings via google jobs.  

Reedmace solutions can help you to  harness the power of offline and online advertising with a tailored campaign in the right places to reach your desired audience.

After attracting the maximium number of "active" candidates we screen each and every one rapidly and efficiently, maintaining a professional image of your brand  with potential employees.



Target inactive candidates

Strategic and key hires require highly skilled candidates with the right mix of vocational and industry experience. 


Depending upon the role and availability of skills, advertising alone will not always uncover the best candidates.

Reedmace solutions can advise the best approach for your role. 

We can map, target and approach candidates anonymously on your behalf and maximise the likelihood of them accepting your role.



Digital and traditional networking

The fundamentals of communication haven't changed, however the mode of preffered communication has shifted significantly.

Millenials became the largest generation in the workplace in 2016. A study by 02 showed that "telephone" apps on smartphones are the fifth most used form of communication. Millenials prefer instant messaging, texting and other forms of written communication as a first port of call.

Reedmace solutions communicate with clients and candidates on their preffered platform including Phone, Whatsapp, Twitter, instant messenger or email.